FutureLogic GEN2 Printer Net Plex PSA-66-ST2N (Refurbished)


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    The GEN2™ printer, the second generation TITO printer by FutureLogic, builds on the exceptional success of the industry’s first and most copied cashless ticket printer, the PSA-66-ST. While maintaining the robustness and reliability of its predecessor, as the most decorated printer in gaming, the GEN2 printer offers improvements such as ITH® (Intelligent Ticket Handling) technology, IntelligentBezel™ system, ProColor™ printing, and more.

    The ITH technology sets the printer apart from competing TITO printers by making the “cashout ticket” available ONLY after the ticket is fully printed internally and automatically burst. To improve the printer’s reliability further, the IntelligentBezel feature detects for obstruction near the bezel and reduces paper jams, by waiting for a clear path before a ticket is ejected.

    In addition to the game port (RS232 or NetPlex), a separate port is provided for convenient firmware upgrades without the need to remove the printer from the slot machine.


Weight 5 lbs


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