TWINSTAR J43 cabinet offers a curved 43-inch screen

Original price was: $13,000.00.Current price is: $9,200.00.


The TWINSTAR  revolution continues with another variation in this cutting-edge family of machines.

Introducing the J43, this for sale cabinet offers a curved 43-inch screen with a stunning 4K resolution. Giving games unsurpassed graphical beauty.

And the signature shape improves player ergonomics on top of its eye-catching good looks.

It’s a game changing new model that will reinvigorate your casino floor and keep players engaged.

With its attractive design comes incredible processing power; the larger, brighter iDeck 2.0; engrossing digital sound; convenient USB charging port and the library of games we will be showcasing below, the J43 is a powerful new addition to the TWINSTAR™ line-up. Prepare to bring the new next great revolution in video slot gaming to your casino floor!


    • Top performing for sale cabinet
    • Beautiful 43-inch screen for player attraction
    • Stunning 4K resolution
    • Curved shape for maximum player ergonomics
    • Extensive and expanding library of games



  • 22 inch digital topper
  • Upgraded iDeck 2.0 digital player panel
  • USB charging port for player comfort


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