One2Six OTS Single-deck & Multi-deck Continuous Shuffle



The ONE2SIX OTS single-deck & multi-deck continuous shuffler combines user-friendliness and state-of-the-art technology to create a premium shuffler capable of handling up to six decks of playing cards. It can be used for virtually all multi-deck card games delivering shuffle every time.


Its multi-deck shoe includes a true smart card delivery system that ensures a smooth, continuous card supply. The ONE2SIX OTS shuffle machine automatically verifies card quantity prior to each game and allows dealers to check playing card quantity at any time. By continuously shuffling four, five or six decks, your table’s overall game play can increase by 25%.




More games per hour and higher security

Shuffles on poker or black jack tables

Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week



Improve security from card counting

Reduces the risk of player-dealer collusion

Counts and verifies correct number of cards



Faster shuffle cycle

Enhanced design

New gravity card feeder

New touch screen interface

Simplified maintenance

Deals community cards in poker games



Shuffles one deck of cards while second in play

Multideck continuously shuffles four to six decks

Works with paper cards or plastic cards

Ergonomically correct for dealer comfort

User friendly and easy to operate

Weight 30 lbs


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