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іVIZION® Bill Validator

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THE AWARD-WINNING iVIZION® is the Foundation of Intelligent Validation
and is the solution that sees better, thinks smarter and runs faster. It is the perfect solution for all full-featured types of automated transaction applications, including bill pay and selfcheckout kiosks, gaming devices, parking and more.
iVIZION’s Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology scans 75 times more data points than any bill validator in its class, capturing the full image of both sides of a banknote or ticket. The CIS validation technology is combined with a patented anti-stringing device to detect and prevent manipulation or mechanical cheating.
iVIZION runs faster with two powerful processors, one dedicated to banknote evaluation, resulting in an industry-leading first time acceptance rate and the fastest banknote-to-banknote processing speed. It is self-calibrating, accepts banknotes up to 85mm wide, and has a sealed dirt and liquid-resistant banknote path, resulting in less service-related downtime.
When connected to JCM’s GEN5™ printer and to your CMS, iVIZION unleashes the power of FUZION™ technology, empowering each EGM to potentially deliver a server-driven suite of player-focused, revenue-driving features in addition to slot play including lottery ticket vending, sports book wagers, promotional couponing, currency exchange and tax forms.

-Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology
-100% note image capture, front and back
-Optical note image centering
-Best optical and mechanical anti-stringing technology

-Two high-speed processors
-100% compatible with JCM’s Intelligent Cash Box (ICB®)

-Fastest note-to-note processing speed
-Industry’s highest acceptance rate
-85mm wide, sealed bill path
-Dust and liquid resistant


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